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ES 6

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ES 6  Portable Piano 

Regardless of whether you’re playing a gig on stage, practising for a piano recital at home, accompanying the local church choir, or studying Beethoven in the classroom, the ES6 is ideal. Compact and portable, this multi-purpose digital piano offers an authentic weighted keyboard action, impressively powerful speaker system, and an intelligent selection of great sounds, providing a range of musical opportunities – wherever the venue, and whatever the occasion.

ES6 Top Black Glossy

ES6 Top White/Silver

ES6 Ivory White

The ES6 captures the beautiful sound of KAWAI’s highly acclaimed hand-crafted concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed, and faithfully reproduced using proprietary Harmonic Imaging™ technology. Additional string resonance and damper effects are also applied, delivering rich tones with breathtaking realism and authenticity.

Grand Piano Sound

The ES6 features an improved 6-speaker sound system, utilising speaker box enclosures to provide deep bass and crisp treble frequencies. This unique design allows for a compact, portable instrument that is ideal for live stage performances, while standard LINE OUT jacks are also included for effortless connectivity, should additional amplification be required.

ES6 Speaker

The redesigned Advanced Hammer Action IV-F keyboard accurately represents the touch of a traditional grand piano, grading key weight appropriately for each playing range. This inventive process allows greater stability during fortissimo passages, while preserving delicate pianissimo control, to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning pianist.

AHA4-FES6 Top White/Silver

The new Rhythm Section feature offers solo performers a wide selection of professionally arranged backing accompaniments at the touch of a button. With preset chord progressions and One Finger Ad-lib™ solo phrases for pop, rock, jazz-funk, and popular Latin styles, musicians can breathe new life into their repertoire, while maintaining control over each performance.

ES6 Panel ES6 Playing

The beautiful HM-3II Design Kit makes the ES6 a stylish digital piano. It contains the stand and the acrylic music rack.
In addition this set can be expanded by the 3 pedal unit F-300H.

HM-3II standF-300H 3 pedal unit

HM-3II / F-300H

F 20 double pedalES6 softbag

F-20 / softbag

You can see a demo here:


action AHA IV-F action with 88 keys and AR technology
piano sounds Concert Grand 1/2, Studio Grand 1/2, Mellow Grand 1/2, Modern Piano, Rock Piano
other instruments E-Piano x 4, Organ x 4, Harpsi/Mallets x 4, Strings/Choir x 8, Bass x 4
sound source Harmonic Imaging technology with 88 key sampling
polyphony max. 192 notes
accompaniment 100 rhythms with variation (Drums, Bass, Backing), Auto Fill-In, One Finger Ad-Lib Phrasen, Auto Chord Progression
reverb Room 1+2, Stage, Hall 1+2
effects Chorus, Tremolo, Delay 1/2/3, Rotary, Rotary with Overdrive
dual mode yes, with balance
split mode yes, with balance and free split point
other functions 14 memories for sound combinations, Dual, Split, Dual/Split Balance, 4-hand mode, EQ (3 types), touch curves (6 types), Transpose, Brillance, Tuning, Voicing, Damper Effect, String Resonance, Temperature, Lower Octave Shift, Lower Pedal, Damper Hold, Auto Fill-in, Panel Memory, MIDI functions
key velocity Light 1/2, Normal, Heavy 1/2, off
recorder 4 songs, 2 tracks, 60.000 notes
metronome beats: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8 tempo: 10-400 BPM
demo songs 29
pedals F-10H sustain pedal with halfdamping included, optional the double pedal F-20 can be used.
finish Glossy Black, White Silver or Ivory White
jacks headphone x 2, MIDI In/Out, Line In (Stereo), Line Out (Stereo), USB-to-Host, AC-Adapter PS-154
speaker 4 x 5cm and 2 x (8x12)cm with Bass-Reflex-System; can be switched off
amplifier 2 x 13 Watt
dimensions in cm 136,2 x 34,5 x 13,9
weight in kg 21,5
options Design Kit HM-3II: stand with acrylic music rack; 3 pedal unit F300: to be mounted on stand HM3II


owner's manual (1,55 MB)
ES6 catalog (0,47 MB)




Main Demo
(2,43 MB)
Mellow Grand 1
(1,21 MB)
Concert Grand 1
(1,08 MB)
Style Demo 1
(1,17 MB)
Concert Grand 2
(2,04 MB)
Style Demo 2
(1,83 MB)
Studio Grand 1
(1,24 MB)
Style Demo 3
(1,34 MB)

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