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KAWAI Japan is now starting Twitter and Youtube Channel!

Date: 07 Nov 2017

KAWAI Japan is now starting Twitter and Youtube Channel!

Please follow and subscribe our twitter and Youtube accounts!

New NOVUS NV10 hibryd digital piano at Musikmesse 2017!

Date: 11 Apr 2017

New NOVUS NV10 hybrid digital piano at Musikmesse 2017!

Kawai NOVUS NV10 digital hybrid piano - Musikmesse 2017 Preview

To coincide with the company’s 90th anniversary, Kawai is proud to announce that a brand new hybrid digital piano instrument, the NOVUS NV10, will be previewed to the public at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2017.

The NOVUS NV10 is the first digital piano to incorporate Kawai’s leading Millennium III grand piano keyboard action, renowned for its extended spruce key sticks, reinforced hammer shanks, and innovative ABS Carbon components that are stronger, lighter, and more dimensionally stable than conventional wooden parts.  The specially adapted Millennium IIIHybrid action utilised by the NV10 replaces traditional felt hammers with new ABS equivalents that are individual graded in weight from bass to treble, while high-precision optical sensors take the place of metal strings, accurately reading the subtle movements of each hammer as the corresponding keys are played.

In addition to featuring a full acoustic grand piano keyboard action, the NOVUS NV10 is the first hybrid instrument to also incorporate a real grand piano damper mechanism.  While there are no strings inside the NV10 to require physical damping, this unique feature replicates the true weighting of a grand piano damper pedal, while also easing the keyboard action’s touch weight as the pedal is pressed – an important acoustic piano characteristic that, until now, has been overlooked.

At the sonic heart of the NOVUS NV10 is a digital representation of the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano – widely regarded as one of the finest instruments in the world.  The rich tonal character of this flagship instrument is captured using full 88-key sampling, and brought to life with Kawai’s unique Harmonic Imaging XL piano engine and advanced Acoustic Rendering resonance modelling.  This beautiful SK-EX sound is then delivered with stunning clarity thanks to 1-bit processing, premium dual DACs, and DIDRC filter and amplification technology powered by Japan’s leading high-end audio manufacturer, Onkyo, to redefine the grand piano experience for players and audience members alike.

More information about the NOVUS NV10 preview can be found at, while Musikmesse visitors can experience the instrument in person at a special exhibit in Hall 9.0 booth A64 from 5th-8th April.

New Classic Series models unveiled!

Date: 11 May 2016

New Classic Series models unveiled!



In addition to the special Kawai-Onkyo CS-X1 collaboration prototype, Kawai also exhibited two new digital piano models at Musikmesse: the CS11 and CS8. The latest additions to the Classic Series range of luxury instruments, the CS11 and CS8 combine Kawai’s leading keyboard action and piano sound technologies to reproduce the concert grand playing experience. These new models inherit the impressive features of the Concert Artist CA97 and CA67 models, including the most realistic Grand Feel II wooden-key keyboard action and finest Harmonic Imaging XL piano sound technology, capturing the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX, SK-5, and Kawai EX grand pianos with full 88-key sampling. As with previous Classic Series models, the CS8 and CS11 are housed within premium quality ebony polish cabinets, with the flagship model replicating the appearance of the popular Kawai K-2 professional upright piano. However, new for this generation, the polished cabinets are crowned with silver-chrome fittings, giving these stunning instruments a fresh, contemporary look that will surely prove popular with customers.

CS-X1 Prototype Wows the Crowds at Musikmesse 2016!

Date: 11 May 2016

CS-X1 Prototype Wows the Crowds at Musikmesse 2016!


Last November, Kawai formed a business and capital alliance with Onkyo Corporation, a highlyrespected Japanese manufacturer of premium home cinema and audio equipment, with a view to expanding the core business of both companies, and sharing technical knowledge and expertise. To demonstrate this alliance, Kawai and Onkyo developed the CS-X1 collaboration prototype – a state of the art digital piano surround sound configuration that blends Kawai’s finest keyboard and piano sampling technologies with Onkyo’s premium amplifier and speaker hardware. The CS-X1 was unveiled to the world at the fourday Musikmesse exhibition held in Frankfurt, Germany, and housed within a specially built soundproof booth placed in the Kawai exhibition space. Visitors to the booth were free to play the CS-X1 prototype and experience the unique virtual concert hall environment produced by its multi-channel amplifier and surround sound speakers. Staff from Kawai Japan and Onkyo were also on hand to answer question related to the prototype’s technology and development. In addition, the CS-X1 booth also hosted regular 20 minute presentations each hour, featuring an explanation of the prototype’s technology from Kawai Japan’s digital piano specialist, James Battle, interspersed with a variety of musical performances from Japanese professional pianist, Ayano Entani. The number of visitors to the booth exceeded all expectations, with considerable interest from rival piano manufacturers, dealers/distributors, and representatives from online media and the press. Feedback from those attending the presentations was also incredibly positive, with over 91% of participants surveyed via questionnaire ranking the CS-X1 as either “Good” or “Very good”. The CS-X1 exhibition was undoubtedly one of the highlights of this year’s Musikmesse, and effectively demonstrated to the music industry the value of the recently formed Kawai-Onkyo alliance on a global stage. While there are no immediate plans to bring the CS-X1 collaboration prototype to market, the exciting new technologies developed for the instrument will surely benefit future digital piano models launched in the months and years ahead. For more information about the Kawai-Onkyo CS -X1 collaboration prototype, please visit the special microsite at, or watch the full CS-X1 presentation with technology explanation and musical performances via the online video at

Positive Direction Demonstrates Kawai’s Strength at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2016 !

Date: 11 May 2016

Positive Direction Demonstrates Kawai’s Strength at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2016 !

Established in 1980, Frankfurt Musikmesse is a four day musical instrument exhibition hosted in the German city of Frankfurt. The annual event is regarded as one of the leading musical industry trade fairs, with over 1100 exhibitors from all corners of the globe, and crowds regularly exceeding 64,000 visitors. 

This year’s exhibition was held from the 7th-10th of April, with different product groups distributed throughout eight large halls. The Kawai exhibition area was prominently located in the ‘Classic meets Keys’ hall, with an impressive, open-plan space spanning approximately 360 m². A full selection of grand, upright, and digital pianos were exhibited, allowing visitors to play test a wide range of Kawai instruments at their leisure. Product highlights at this year’s show included the latest GL Series grand pianos (covered in Kawai News #56), K Series upright pianos with AnyTimeX2 features, and the brand new Classic Series CS11 and CS8 luxury digital pianos. In addition, the Kawai space also incorporated two purpose-built soundproof rooms – one housing Shigeru Kawai SK-6 and SK-3 grand pianos, the other a special Kawai-Onyko collaboration exhibit, which is covered in greater detail on the following page. 

The sound of ‘Messe’ is undoubtedly one of the exhibition’s defining characteristics, with artist performances and product demonstrations, and show visitors sampling the latest musical instruments. In order to provide a more comfortable environment for company representatives to meet with dealers, this year’s Musikmesse introduced an additional ‘Business meets Business’ hall, away from the hustle and bustle of the main show areas.

Kawai’s spacious business centre (216 m²) provided a quiet, relaxing location for guests to meet, catchup, and discuss business over complementary food and drink. In addition to private meeting rooms, the area also featured two additional 16 m² soundproof rooms, allowing new products and prototypes to be tested and checked without disturbing others. Speaking after the exhibition, Kawai Europe’s Senior Product Manager, Michael Kunz, responsible for the planning and design of Kawai’s booth, highlighted the success of the separate business area: “The new Kawai booth concept, with separate B2C and B2B areas, demonstrated to the market that Kawai is a strong, trustworthy brand to work with in the future. Dealers and customers highly appreciated our confident direction at Musikmesse, which has contributed to a positive sales result.” While the Musikmesse exhibition may only last for four days, preparation before and after the event requires weeks and months of careful planning. So, as April draws to a close, Kawai Japan would like to thank all of the men and women at Kawai Europe for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the company’s presence at Frankfurt was a great success. We shall look forward to greeting you all again in 2017! 

© 2016 Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Date: 25 Mar 2014

KAWAI at NAMM Show 2013!

Date: 25 Apr 2013

Date: 19 Mar 2013

Kawai CA95 Winner of Four
Prestigious Awards!

Date: 31 Dec 2012

Kawai digital pianos have won many awards in
the past years, but none like the multiple awards that
were awarded to CA95 this year.
Although all prizes are awarded from different
perspectives, all of the awards received make this
product prouder. Let’s briefly explain the awards one
by one.

Good Design Award
(Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan)

Honoring for “outstanding designs in the pursuit
of prosperous lives and industrial development”, the
Good Design Award was awarded to CA95. The award,
which is organized by the Japan Institute of Design
Promotion, was given for the beautiful, compact design
that “allows musicians to realize the concert
grand piano playing experience from the comfort of
their living room.” Kawai received this award since
2010 for CA93 and the 8th award since 2000.

Home Digital Keyboard of the Year
(Musical Merchandise Review, USA)

Musical Merchandise Review, a renowned trade
magazine in the musical instrument market, chose
CA95 as 2012 Home Digital Keyboard of the Year in
the annual “Dealer’s Choice Awards”. There are variety
of categories in the “Dealer’s Choice Awards”, which
the selected dealers are the voters for various categories
to choose the winner. Dealers pointed its
“impressive array of features –Grand Feel Wooden-Key
Action, Harmonic Imaging XL Sound Technology with
88-key piano sampling, the ability to play and record
MP3 and WAV files, built-in practice exercises and
Alfred Lesson Songs- as key selling points.” In the
past year, Kawai has been selected in other category,
“Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” for K-3 upright piano
and RX series grand pianos.

2012 Product Excellence Award
(Music Inc. Magazine, USA)

In another U.S. magazine, Music Inc., which organizes
awards chosen by readers and editors of the
magazine, selected CA95 for 2012 Product Excellence
Award. In this category, 20 Best Products of the Year
across all music products are recognized. The CA95
was highly evaluated for its outstanding tone by a real
wooden soundboard, Harmonic Imaging XL technology,
and “Grand Feel” action with wooden keys. In
2010, the forerunner of this product, CA93 have also
won Product Excellence Award.


Multi-Award Winning Digital Piano, KAWAI CA95

Diapason d’Or Award
(Diapason Magazine, France)

French magazine, Diapason, honored the CA95
digital piano with “Diapason d’Or” Award.
All of the awards received will further emphasize
this product throughout the world. These prestigious
prizes will motivate salespeople to sell the Kawai Brand
product with confidence.

Cristmass promotion 2012!

Date: 18 Dec 2012

KAWAI ofer 5% discount of all range of products for Cristmass season!

2012 is the year of the new generation for KAWAI!

Date: 05 Sep 2012

In 2012 Kawai starts a new technology platform with a lot of technical innovations and
improvements, which will be found in the new 2012 products.
The new platform offers improvements and innovation for hardware as well as for

You can see more detailed description of the new models in their own staties:






Date: 31 Jul 2012

KAWAI has provided pianos for Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan!

Date: 30 May 2012

Just like last year, Kawai is providing the pianos for this event, and you can see some of the artists performing with them.

Roman Lob - Germany - KAWAI - Grand piano Shigeru Kawai SK-6:


Zeljko Joksimovic - Serbia - KAWAI - grand piano Shigeru Kawai SK-6:


Maya Sar - Bosnja and Herzegovina - grand piano Shigeru Kawai SK-6:



Anri Jokhadze - Georgia - grand piano KAWAI - RX-2 white:


Kawai Australia & The Sydney International Piano Competition

Date: 13 Apr 2012

Every four years, Sydney plays host to one of the world's most prestigious piano competitions - and Kawai Australia has been there since day one.

This year, we'll be tracing the competition pianos, from selection at our hand-crafting Ryuyo facility in Japan, through to the preparation by a master piano artisan flown in for the event, all the way through to the thrilling finals on stage at the Sydney Opera House in July


    The Sydney International Piano Competition is broadcast by ABC Classic. Here's something from their archives to whet your appetite for this year's competition: the magnificent John Chen winning the 2004 competition on the Shigeru Kawai SK-EX concert grand piano. Cilck on the ABC link below:



KAWAI again at the George Enescu Festival in Bucharest!

Date: 23 Jan 2012


Cristmas discounts!

Date: 21 Dec 2011

Cristmas come! Take any of the products of KAWAI with 5% Cristmas discount!

KAWAI at the concert of Al Bano in Sofia!

Date: 13 Dec 2011

The model CN33WH was used at the concert of Al Bano in Sofia on 11.12.2011.

You can see the video:

KDP80 - the model of the new season!

Date: 31 Aug 2011

KDP80 - the model of the new season!



KDP80 catalogue Eng




Audio demos

Concert Grand 1
(1,76 MB)
(0,68 MB)
Concert Grand 2
(1,99 MB)
(0,88 MB)
Studio Grand
(1,86 MB)
String Ensemble
(0,70 MB)
Modern Piano
(1,55 MB)
Slow Strings
(1,41 MB)
Classic E. Piano
(1,49 MB)
(2,23 MB)
Modern E. Piano
(0,64 MB)
New Age Pad
(1,18 MB)
Jazz Organ
(1,14 MB)
(0,86 MB)
Church Organ
(1,59 MB)

KAWAI at the Song Contest Eurovision 2011!

Date: 13 May 2011


Incredible! Look at Song contest Eurovision 2011!


 Фортепиано KAWAI на ежегодном шоу Евровидение-2011

All we know that this year the song contest EUROVISION was organized in Dusseldorf - Germany and many viewers  noticed that central in the performances of some of the participants from different countries were the grands of KAWAI.

For example, the transparent grand piano Crystal Grand Piano CR-30 and also the white grand piano RX-2 was designed for the contest especially.

The italian Raffaele Gualazzi impressed all with his performance under the accompaniment of exclusive crystal Crystal Grand Piano CR-30:




Undoubtedly, the stylish white grand piano RX-2 give shine and elegance to the presentation of players from Romania (Hotel FM) and Lithuania (Evelina Sasenko).






The Georgian group Eldrine, which Belarus gave first place used in his show digital piano MP6




Date: 21 Apr 2011

The presentation of brand new models CL36, and CS 6


New products

Date: 29 Mar 2011


KAWAI is proud to present the new CLASSIC Series.

Luxurious acoustic piano design and black polished finish in combination with excellent piano sounds characterise the new Classic Series. The first model in the CS Series, CS3, is now available.
Click here for more detailed information: CS3




Our Crystal Grand Piano, CR-30, as well as a white RX-2 have been shipped specifically for the contest.


Raphael Gualazzi, the Italian entrant will be using the CR-30 during the final. And the white RX-2 will be used by artists from

Romania and Lithuania. The Lithuanian and Romanian entrants will appear in the first and second semi-finals respectively.

Let’s hope they also make it to the final!

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