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CN 23

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The beautiful sound of the EX grand piano is at the heart of the new CN series, with all 88 keys of this world-class instrument  painstakingly recorded, analysed and reproduced as high-fidelity digital waveform. Recording each key individually in this way - as opposed to stretching the same tone over several different notes - ensures that the rich harmonic character of the original EX grand piano is preserved, and guarantees that the sound heard when playing any one of the CN series'keys is a faithful representation of the acoustic source


When playing the piano, the amount of pressure applied to the keyboard affects not only the volume of the sound produced, but also the unique tonal character of each note. Therefore, in order to construct a realistic acoustic portrait of the EX grand piano, not only is each key recorded individually, but also at various different volume levels, ranging from gentle pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo. The new CN series offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, employing Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology to ensure smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.


The new Responsive Hammer Action recreated the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano, with its realistic movement and rigid, springless design providing a smooth, natural, piano playing experience. The weight of the keyb

oard is appropriatelly graded to miror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while structural reinforcements within the action assembly ensure greater stability during fortissimo and staccato passages. The new CN series instruments also feater Kawai's Ivory Touch Key surfaces that gently absorb finger moisture to assist the player's performeance.

Each CN digital piano featers a variety of realistic acoustic piano sounds that are ideally suited to playing a wide range of Classical, Jazz, Pop and Modern musical styles. Reverberation and resonance effects are also applied, helping to further improve both the sounds'tonal authenticity and the player's overall piano playing experience. Complementing their realistic acoustic piano voices, the CN range also feature a strong selection of additional sounds, ranging from electric pianos and drawbar and church organs, to strings, brass, and woodwind instruments, inviting musicians to add greater variety to their performances.


You can see CN 23 demo here:

Action RH Action, 88 weighted keys with Ivory Touch key surfaces
Sounds 15
Sound source Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ system with 88 key sampling
Polyphony Max. 96 notes
Reverb 3: Room, Stage, Hall
Effects Preset
Lesson function Alfred lesson books
Dual mode Yes
4-Hand mode Yes
Key velocity Light, Normal, Heavy, off
Recorder 3 songs, 1 track, max. 15.000 notes
Metronome Beats: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8; Tempo: 10-300 BPM
Other features Damper effect, Transpose, MIDI-Multi-Mode, Tuning
Demo songs 15
Concert Magic songs 40
Pedals 3: Damper (Half-Pedal), Sostenuto, Soft
Finish Premium Rosewood, Premium Mahogany, Premium Cherry or Satin Black
Key lid Yes
Jacks Headphones x 2, MIDI In/Out
Speakers 12 cm x 2
Amplifier 20 Watt x 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) in cm 137 x 40,7 x 84,3
Weight in kg 42


Owner's manual (1,48 MB)
CN series catalogue (1,78 MB)


Concert Grand 1 (1,76 MB)
Concert Grand 2 (1,99 MB)
Studio Grand (1,86 MB)
Modern Piano (1,55 MB)
Classic E. Piano (1,49 MB)
Modern E. Piano (0,64 MB)
Jazz Organ (1,14 MB)
Church Organ (1,59 MB)
Harpsichord (0,68 MB)
Vibraphone (0,88 MB)
String Ensemble (0,70 MB)
Slow Strings (1,41 MB)
Choir (2,23 MB)
New Age Pad (1,18 MB)
Atmosphere (0,86 MB)


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